Town Officials

Town Board Members

Carol Glor, Supervisor
585-948-5835 ext. 2
TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf) Number:1-800-662-1220
Phone: 585-948-5644


Michael T. Cianfrini, Councilperson
Phone: 585-948-8135

Tim Kabel, Councilman


Jim Veazey, Councilman

Matthew Martin, Councilman




Town Clerk

Melissa M. Haacke
585-948-5835 ext 20
Office hours M-F 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
(or call for appointment)


Highway Superintendent

Alan R. Dennis


Barry Flansburg
585-948-5835 ext 3


Town Justice

Thomas A. Graham
585-948-5835 ext 1


Steven Kruppenbacher
585-948-5627 home


Town Code Officer

Mark Mikolajczyk

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Town Planning Board (Appointed)

Karen Morris
Phone: 585-948-5530

Wally Kornow
Phone: 585-948-5802

Ronald Becker
Phone: 585-948-5958

Bonnie Woodward
Phone: 585-948-5136

Howard Johns

Zoning Board of Appeals (Appointed)

Charles Carroll
Phone: 585-948-5875

Ben Kabel
Phone: 585-948-8255

Gordon Bow
Phone: 585-948-9124

Mike Shultz
Phone: 585-948-9077

Kim Wolcott
Phone: 716-560-1100

Code/Zoning Officer (Appointed)

Mark Mikolajczyk
Phone: 585-356-8851

Youth Recreation Commission (Appointed)

Chairperson - Janette Post
Phone: 585-704-3194

Thomas Brummert
Phone: 585-948-8589

Paul Osborn
Phone: 585-948-8148

Roxanne Munger
Phone: 585-948-9467

Joel D'Alba
Phone: 585-948-8739

Kate Manges
Phone: 585-813-2657

Chris Covel
Phone: 585-948-8202

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Library Board of Trustees (Appointed)

President - Kim Gibson
Phone: 585-948-9900

Anne Engle
Phone: 585-948-9324

Laura Pastecki
Phone: 585-356-3454

Kelly Flores

Karissa Santy

Michael Laycock
Phone: 585-948-9478

Assessors Board of Review (Appointed)

Donald Yunker
Phone: 585-948-5733

Historian (Appointed)

Steven Kruppenbacher
Phone: 585-948-5627

Town Attorney (Appointed)

Kevin D. Earl
Phone: 585-343-6320

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